By purchasing a MiniKrea ’Sew and Sell’ License you expressly consent to agree the following terms and conditions.

Limited license

This is a limited commercial license to ’sew and sell’ handmade items and garments using patterns created by MiniKrea. This license entitles you to use all MiniKrea patterns, unless an exception is explicitly written on the pattern. You are only allowed to sell if you have an active MiniKrea License. The license is personal and shall be renewed for each month you like to carry out any sales activity.
Factory or mass production is strictly prohibited.

Visibility of the licensor

You must include the following information wherever the items are sold: ”Made from a pattern by MiniKrea”. This information must be included in the description if sold online or on tags included with or attached to each item or garment if sold in a shop, craft fair, etc. It is your obligation to keep track of your sales if inspection is needed.


You hereby acknowledge that MiniKrea owns all right, title and interest to the intellectual property of the patterns whether in the form of a copyright, patent, trademark or any other form of intellectual property.
You may not use the patterns to make derivative patterns and claim them as your own.

Unauthorized copies

MiniKrea is a registered trade name and the pattern, including all images, instructions and pattern pieces is protected by copyright law. Purchase of this license DOES NOT entitle the purchaser to sell, copy or distribute the patterns itself, by electronic or other means.

No liability

You acknowledge and agree that MiniKrea, its affiliates and staff will have no liability in connection with or arising from your use of the patterns in any form.


This Agreement, and any of the rights and/or obligations under it, cannot be assigned or delegated by you. Any attempted action is prohibited and, if attempted, shall be void and of no effect whatsoever.

No modification

This agreement cannot be modified unless in writing executed by MiniKrea.


We reserve the right to terminate your right to sell if you do not comply with these requirements. Any dispute will be settled by The Danish Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen. We reserve the right to update the license at any time without notice to you. The most current version of the license can be reviewed at the MiniKrea website. By purchasing a license you expressly acknowledge that you have read this agreement and understand the rights, obligation, terms and conditions set forth in it.

Page last updated June 1, 2015.

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