“Magic happens when you’re working with clothes in tiny sizes. For me it’s an continuing pleasure to see how few details you need to make a garment stand out. A small twist and you have something unique, sweet, fun, romantic or totally cool. When it comes to children’s clothing much more is allowed. You can play more freely with color, material and quirky ideas. I get into a good mood every time I sit by the sewing machine and try new designs and techniques. My hope is to inspire others to experiment with their creativity and to help them make lovely products which brings many smile.”
MiniKrea has existed since 2008 and is a family business. The company was established after 10 years in business with different shop concepts in Copenhagen selling organic clothing. After having kids and moving to the countryside a vision appeared. To combine creativity , communication and children’s clothing to a new concept. A new creative concept for DIY people where the Nordic simplicity could shine through and be ‘the tool ‘ to help people get started with their creative projects in sewing. All with a particular focus on visual accessibility and simplicity.


Educated as a sewing teacher with a BA in textile design, -Handicraft and communication
from Haandarbejdets Fremme Seminarium, a wide variety of creative freelance assignments and all the experience as a shop owner with sales of children’s clothing it is Anja Christensen, who is responsible for the creative development of products, designs and instructions as well as the company’s visual identity.
With a lot of years as a purchase manager from wholesale distribution, lots of experience as a sales agent and as CEO, it is Jacob Christensen, who handles every aspect of finance, operations, distribution and sales.
In addition, MiniKrea also works closely together with a handful of talented collaborators from graphic artist, photographers, pattern constructors, translators, printing company’s and fabric manufacturers. Their important input also leaves a distinctive signature mark on the MiniKrea concept.